End-User License Agreement

Pricing and licensing is as follows: the price of each license is $100, and one license is required for every 10 employees at your firm/company.  When filling the order form, please enter the appropriate quantity of licenses you need based on your number of employees.


The information provided is based upon test data which is believed to be accurate.  Unless the conditions at the job site are identical or substantially similar to the test sites, the levels indicated by this app may not be accurate.  Also, failure by the user to follow specified engineering controls and recommended work practices will void any results.  All workers at the job site must have the minimum training recommended by this app.  This app does not apply where friable asbestos is present.  There are no warranties, express or implied, given and the user assumes all responsibility for determining whether this app applies to the conditions at the specific job site.              

             “All information on this site is valuable proprietary information of Contractor’s Training Institute.  By using this app, the user agrees not to disclose any of this proprietary information to any other person or entity.”

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